Mix and Match

I went shopping today and I created some outfits using a white crop top, maroon color skater skirt, jean jacket, light flowy coat and grey ribbed shirt.

Everything is from Forever 21 and Forever 21 is great because you can be fashionable under your budget! The quality isn’t always so good because of  the price, but hey, cheaper clothes means you can buy more clothes with that money.


So this is the white crop top with the maroon color skater skirt and they both have textures on the fabric. I think this combination can be worn more in the fall or spring because of the color match. This outfit is so adorable and so girly which I love.

If you want this skater skirt, click here.


Then I grabbed a Cropped denim jacket which was less than $25. The denim jacket had some rips to it which gave a cool edgy vibe. I love this outfit! Don’t you?

You can never go wrong with a simple denim jacket and skater skirt look 🙂

IMG_5983 IMG_5985

First thing that caught my eyes when I went into Forever 21 was this light coat. This type of coat is called the dusters. They are so flowy, and so light that it’s perfect for traveling. This is a must in your closet because it goes with anything! If you are interested in this coat , click the link! I absolutely love this outfit and this will be my go to outfit.


Lastly, I wore this grey ribbed shirt. Ribbed shirts are so trendy right now. Some people call it the sweater crop top but this material isn’t thick. It is super light and so soft! This is such a basic shirt and this is a great staple piece to have in your closet. Again, I wore the skater skirt and I wore the dusters coat. I think it would be even better with some statement necklace to give it some pop!

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