Korea: Shopping in Insadong

Hello everyone! Long time no blog. School started and it has been a disaster.

I thought I posted this blog but apparently it didn’t upload so here it is:

Many things happened when I was at Korea. I went to an emergency room because  I got a shock and I couldn’t breathe. I was in the hospital for a long time. I didn’t have time to go on my blogs and update for you guys. I am so sorry. But about three days before I left Korea, I went to a place called Insadong.
Insadong was so fun and I wish I was able to stay there longer. It’s filled with shopping stores and food. Items there were so adorable and so cute. I bought so much! Here are some pictures:
^ This watermelon pillow is $8. CUTE AND AFFORDABLE. #amiright?
 IMG_7469And I also got this blue hat. It has some writings on it and I think that really brings the attention to you.
My sister and I ate at this place called STREET N CHURROS.
This ice cream is Denmark’s cheese ice cream. I was like “what….?” But wow it tasted amazing as well as the churros.
It costed $3.50. I miss Street N churros:(
Those are all the pictures I can post since I am currently on my phone and trying to blog. But if you would like to see more pictures, check out my instagram @jessica.parkk

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