Mix and Match: Fall outfits

The weather is actually getting chillier and that means it is that time of the year where we layer our outfits.

I love layer outfits. It spices up your outfits and you look really put together!


I made several outfits using this basic, boring one. The sweater is from Zara and my jeans are from Topshop, combat boots from Steve Madden, and my belt is from Urban Outfitters.

FullSizeRender-8 IMG_1066

Now, I simply spiced up this outfit by using my favorite chunky necklace from H&M. ( check out my previous posts to find out more about this necklace).


Instead of layering a necklace, try layering a scarf that is similarly textured like your own sweater. Also, red velvet color is a great color to wear during the fall season.


And lastly, I paired my outfit with my favorite jacket from Topshop. You can also wear a scarf with this jacket and it would look great!

Comment below what you think about my outfits and any suggestions?

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