NYC trip part 1

I went to NYC on Monday the 18th. My friend and I decided to go on a little trip.

The one thing I remember the most from that trip was how cold it was. My hands froze to death when I was trying to take pictures and I felt the strong wind pushing me.

I don’t even understand how people live in NYC. How do you guys not freeze to death?

Anyways, Hannah and I got on the plane from DC and from DC to NY, it took 43minutes.

From JFK airport, it took about 50 minutes to get to Times Square.


The first place we went to in Times Square was Sephora.
I made a reservation for 45 min. makeover with a minimum purchase of $50.
Here is the finished look:

I look so different. Don’t I?

The picture below, is the skin care products that she recommended me.



The next place we went to was a book store called Kinokuniya Bookstore. 

I have to say, I really loved that book store. If you are fan of animes and mangas, this book store is perfect for you. The first floor of the book store was just a regular book store you would normally see. The lower floor had cute Japanese items such as little plushes, pencil cases and etc. The top floor had all of mangas, anime dvds, and a cafe.

Just about few months ago, I used to dislike animes and mangas but I don’t know what has gotten in me, but now I love them. Here are few of my recommendations and the mangas I had purchased.


Any animes/ mangas you want to share? Comment below! I want to know more about it!


Part 2 of the NYC trip is coming soon!

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