Dope places to take instagram pictures in DC

I WENT AROUND WHOLE DC TO FIND BEST PLACES TO TAKE PICTURES FOR YOUR INSTAGRAM! (you’re welcome 🙂 ) -btw, the photos were taken with my phone so the quality isn’t so great 

Just so you know, I wasn’t like instagrammy until this year so I didn’t take good pictures and I am not a good photographer. However, I hope you find this helpful!

1) Hirshhorn Museum- 700 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20560

The art displayed there are really cool and you can take many pictures there!

Also, around the winter time, there is an ice skating rink near the building and I think it is a great place to go during the holiday season if you are bored.

2) Renwick Gallery- 1661 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006

This place was my favorite place out of whole D.C. area. The vibe there was really fun and if you want to take some artsy picture like I did, it is perfect. ( I’m talking about the picture where I am licking the rainbow art )

( There are more to the gallery; if you want to find out more, GO THERE)


3) places around Renwick Gallery

I said before that the vibe there is really nice. Around the gallery, there are old buildings and offices but they are hella artsy. You can also borrow a segway and have a tour around the gallery as well.

(There are cute cherry blossom trails, cafes, and etc)


you can’t forget about the white house bro. It isn’t artsy fartsy but everyone goes there.. so  yeah. There are also a cherry blossom trees around the white house so take some pics there!


5) China Town (near Verizon Center 601 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004) 

The Chinatown in D.C. is not big but there are some good restaurants as well as some Chinese stores.  The only thing I liked from Chinatown was the griffitti between the buildings/ alleys. Here is a terrible example of the griffitti picture.


6) Newseum- 555 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

( I believe this museum is near the Verizon center/ Chinatown )

This museum is so cool; it is a newspaper museum so it is called NUSEUM. Cool name huh?

I went there with my sister and it was really fun. The best part about the museum was the hands on experiment as well as Berlin Wall.



Hands on experience


Berlin Wall; it is big – You can take cool pictures here


More hands on experience and take some videos here!


7) National Building Museum-  401 F St NW, Washington, DC 20001 

close to China town and Verizon Center

There is $7 admission fee. This place isn’t really worth $7. But taking pictures in American Garden (in the building museum) and taking pictures outside of the building is really artsy.

If you really want something from the museum, get the $0.51 coin machine thingy to get souvenir penny.


These are all the places I like so far; let me know if you liked this and found this somewhat helpful. I will be posting more of D.C. areas and Northern Virginia as well as Maryland.

Comment below for any questions!

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