Trip to D.C: Renwick Gallery

Finally, the awaited summer has started.
To celebrate the first day of summer, my friend and I decided to go to D.C.
We specifically went to a gallery called Renwick Gallery that displays contemporary, modern designs and arts.The arts and designs are 3D and they catch my attention.

This Renwick Gallery is near the White House and there are many things to before and after going to this gallery.

So my friend and I went to the White house and went to our favorite place called Wicked Waffles.
Wicked waffles is about 2 minutes walk away from the gallery. This place is small but very famous so there may be a long line. This place sells all sorts of waffles and this time, I tried out the grilled cheese waffles and I have to say, they were the best waffles I have ever had. Who knew cheese in the waffles could be so delicious?
(And for my friend, she ordered ‘the works’ waffle and it tasted great although it was tiny bit sweet.)



The pictures up above are first work you will see. I believe that this is a perspective from birds, this is supposed to represents nests. You can go into this “nest” and take pictures.

The next art you will see is this beautiful rainbow art. This rainbow is made up of some sort of thin strings and each strings have different colors and overall creates this beautiful art. Many people stop here and take pictures and gets pretty crowded. To get a great picture without crowds, it’s best to go in the morning.


Moving along, the art after the rainbow was this stacked paper mountains.
I forgot the name of it but this art is made out of papers. These piled papers are taller than me and I believe there were at least 12 mountains of it. This part of the gallery looks like a maze just because these paper mountains are all over the place.


Moving onto second floor of the gallery, as you walk up the stairs, look up at the ceiling and you will see these beautiful, sparkling lights. The second floor is pretty dimmed so these lights can sparkle and just sitting on a bench watching these lights were so calming.
The lights move in different directions and beats which creates this wave effect (but with lights).


Lastly, you will see the biggest room of the gallery. I think the main theme of this gallery is wave effect or rainbow effect because this room is also filled with rainbow colors. When you go into this room, you must lie down in order to see the art. This art has warm tones such as red, orange, yellow and bits of green and purple. In a way, this looks like a rainbow soccer ball but hung up on a ceiling. (Occasionally the gallery has some events in this room so you may not be able to lie down and see the art)

This concludes my trip to D.C.!
The weather is so beautiful nowadays and it isn’t as hot as last year which is pretty nice.
If you live in this area or planning on visiting D.C., I wrote a [link][bold]blog[/bold][/link: about where to go in D.C. that not many people know about.

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