Skin Care routine, tips on getting rid of acnes!

I’ve been struggling with acnes and dry skin for few months now and to prevent from getting more acnes and dry skin, I have tried numerous products. I tried to change my skin care products,makeup and even makeup brushes.  After numerous trials, I have found products that helped me so much and I wanted to share that with you guys. Of course we all have different types of skin but some products may help!

So what I learned is that you don’t have to invest too much in skin care in order to make your skin better. The products I will be showing you guys are very affordable so you guys don’t need to worry about breaking your bank!


So here are products that I use daily:




  1. So the first product I use is Cerave “AM” moisturizing lotion.

I love this product because it has spf 30 in it. The AM lotion is bit thicker than the PM one however, if you don’t want to put on a sunscreen because it gets sticky, this is a great alternative. I don’t use this product daily just because I wear makeup and I don’t recommend that you put this on before you put on makeup because it can get caky. IMG_7413


2) Every time I wash my face, I use this product right after. This is Kiehl’s Toning mist. This is so easy to use because you spray it but I spray this on my cotton pad and smooth it out on my face so I don’t touch my face with dirty hands. When you apply things on your face, it is best when you don’t touch your face with your hands directly; use cotton pads or cotton swabs. That way, the germs don’t get to your face and cause more acnes.

Going back to this toner, this toner absorbs into your skin quickly which is a great plus. You can use this in the morning but I recommend that you use this after you wash your face. IMG_7415


3) Now this product is my favorite. This product is bit like a medicine because it helps you heal acnes or acne scabs. If you look at the second picture, you will see those weird tools. I use those tools to pop my acnes . When you pop those acnes, you will see white stuff coming out and bits of blood. It is great when you pop them because it helps you reduce your acnes. However, that only works if you pop your acnes all the way. 


After popping them, wipe your blood and germs by using tiny bit of rubbing alcohol then apply this centella Blemis cream. When this dries,they turn into white powdery thing on your face. Do not touch them and leave them on until they go away. This is probably the best when it’s used it at night and leave it overnight.

This product is seriously my lifesaver; you can see the effect pretty quickly.

(This product is from Korea but you can order this on Amazon). IMG_7416IMG_7396


4) this is my second favorite product. This is called “One step Pimple Clear Pad”. I believe this was the most expensive product out of all but this is totally worth getting. This helps your acnes get smaller and prevent from getting more acnes. I use this right after I take a shower and usually use it at night. Do not use this more than once a day. Rub this pimple pad on your face slowly and focus on the areas where you have the most acnes.

(This product is from Korea and can be found on Amazon).



5) Cerave “PM” moisturizing lotion

I have been using this lotion for 3 years now. I fell in love with this product because it is so gentle on my face and is quickly absorbing on my face. This lotion is very affordable and this product is sooooo moisturizing. I use this day and night regarding what it says. This PM lotion isn’t thick like the AM one so that’s why I use this even in the morning before I put on makeup.

When you put on a moisturizer, don’t rub the product on your face but quickly tap on your face and even our your product. This helps the product absorb in better!IMG_7418


I hope this helped you and hopefully you try out these products.

( I am not sponsored don’t worry). This method has worked out for me so well so I just wanted to share. Let me know if you try any these products!


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