Nyc day 1

Finally the long awaited trip to nyc day came. From where I live, it takes 5hours or so to get to NYC.

The first day was bit cloudy so the whole area looked bit gloomy.

I will share all the places I went: Herald Square for some shopping, Baked by Melissa (They sell cute macaroons and cupcakes), Disney Store (because who doesn’t love Disney?), Times Square -stairs , Anime St0re (Kinokuniya anime bookstore 1073 Ave of the America) , Lunch (Kung Fu little steamed buns  811 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019). 




And for the outfit details:

My Collar shirt: Yes style (it’s actually a dress but it is too short on me)

Necklace: Sophie Blake  (sold out but there are similar ones)

Skirt: Forever 21

Bag: (convertible bag, very convenient): Yes style 

Shoes: nike Air force 


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